Saturday, August 29, 2020

HP ALM Vs JIRA | Which tool is better ?




It is developed by HP

It is developed by Atlassian

It is  a Test Management Tool

It is Project Management Tool

License cost is more

It license cost is less

It Supports only IE browser

It Supports all browsers.

It has limited Add-Ons

It has multiple Add-Ons

It is Web Based Application only

It supports both Web Based and Mobile apps

It has less support options for knowledge sharing.

It has forums, FAQs and more knowledge base to help you tackle your difficulties.

Very few features for Reporting, Management and Tracking

 It has lot of features for reporting, Tracking and Management…

Very Rigid structure

It is very flexible structure, suites many type of Projects.    

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Test Estimation: Functional Point Method (SMC rule)

There are various techniques to estimate the software test application. Here I am explaining only 'Functional Point Method'.

Steps to estimate:
1. Analyse the requirements
2. Break the functionality into small requirements
3. Break this small requirements to small task and then
4. Analyse and categorize these tasks into Small, Medium and Complex task
        - Small : Simple functionality without any integration with down / upstream systems.
        - Medium: The functionality with limited components and easy integration.
        - Complex: The functionality with more components involved with greater risk to test.

5. Now assign the weightage (Functional points)to  Small, Medium and Complex tasks.
         Eg: Small :1 , Medium : 3 and Complex : 5
6. The functional points should have estimation in hrs ( This will be done by Test Managers).
         Eg: 6 hrs
7. Prepare a table with list of Functionalities / Tasks with Simple, Medium, Complex.

Note: This can be done using total test case estimation also.

Check the below table to understand clearly with an example on Banking functionality:

Next estimation method is :
THREE POINT method, we give three different estimates and then we calculate the avg using one formula.
  - Best case estimates (B) ( Assumption is every thing works smooth, including resources)
  - Most Likely Estimates (M) ( Assumption is, Integration issue, team members not experts etc)
  - Worst case estimates (W) ( Assumption is, more integration issue, resource leavs, high defect rate, less experienced resources)

 Estimates  = (B+W+4M)/6

In next post, will explain in detail.  Thanks for reading it.

Thursday, April 4, 2019