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ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) has redefined the future of enterprises. To put it simply, it is an integrated system to manage the entire business. Especially the small and medium enterprises working with ERP have a witnessed a quantum leap. With ERP the organizations can not only save time and money, but also offer more reliable decisions.
Formerly each department of an organization typically performed and stored it works individually. For instance the financial department was only responsible for storing financial transactions for the organization. ERP enabled integration of data for separate application. It made synchronization of data across the enterprises easier and minimized the intricacies of computer infrastructure. This integration software makes it possible to access any data from anywhere.
While choosing which which ERP software is the best and easiest to implement, take care of certain things. In order to select the right ERP software systems first take ino account your own requirements. Check out the specific requirements for which you need an ERP software . Calculate the benefits of implementing the ERP software does over your current software.

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List of ERP Software Packages

Testing done by a KID and by an Expert.

Curiosity, No Fear of Unknown…etc., are more important for a Tester to excel.

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Difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing

This workflow detail is to validate that the build is stable enough for detailed test and evaluation effort to begin. This work is also referred to as a smoke test, build verification test, build regression test, sanity check or acceptance into testing. This work helps to prevent the test resources being wasted on a futile and fruitless testing effort.

There is no Big difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing. But if we go in detail:-

Smoke Test:

When a build is received, a smoke test is run to ascertain if the build is stable and it can be considered for further testing.

Smoke testing can be done for testing the stability of any interim build.

Smoke testing can be executed for platform qualification tests.

Sanity testing:

Once a new build is obtained with minor revisions, instead of doing a through regression, a sanity is performed so as to ascertain the build has indeed rectified the issues and no further issue has been introduced by the fixes. Its generally a subset of regression testing and a group of test cases are executed that are related with the changes made to the app.

Generally, when multiple cycles of testing are executed, sanity testing may be done during the later cycles after through regression cycles.

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Masakali Masakali Song Lyrics from movie Delhi 6

Movie:Delhi-6Singer:Mohit Chauhan
Music Director:A R Rahman
Lyrics:Prasoon Joshi
Cast:Abhishek Bachchan,Sonam Kapoor

Aye Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matakalli Matakalli
Aye Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matakalli Matakalli
Aye Masakalli Masa Masa Kalli
Ud Matakalli Matakalli
Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matakalli Matakalli

Zara Pankh Jhatak Gayi Dhool Atak
Aur Lachak Machak Ke Durr Bhatak
Ud Dagar Dagar
Kasbe Kuche Nukkad Basti Mein
YeahE YeahE-Itdi Se Mud Ada Se Ud
Kar Le Puri Dil Ki Tamanna
Hawa Se Jud Ada Se Ud-Purr Phurr Phurrr
Tu Hai Hera Panna Ree
Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matakalli MataKalli
Masakalli Masakalli-Ud Matakalli MataKalli

Ghar Tera Saloniii
Baadal Ki Colonyyy
Dikhla De Tenga In Sabko
Jo Udna Na Jaane
Udiyoo Naa Dariyoo
Kar Manmaani Manmaani Manmaani
Badiyoo Naa Mudiyoo Kar Nadaanii
Udiyoo Naa Dariyoo
Kar Manmaani Manmaani Manmaani
Badiyoo Naa Mudiyoo Kar Nadaanii
Kad Taan Le Muskaan Le
Keh Sannanananan.. Hawaa
Bas Thaan Le Tu Jaan Le
Keh Sannanananan.. Hawaa

Aye Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matakalli Matakalli
Aye Masakalli Masa Masa Kalli
Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matak Matak Matak..

Tujhe Kya Gum Tera Rishta
Gagan Ki Bansuri Se Hai-Pawan Ki Guftagu Se Hai
Suraj Ki Roshni Se Hai-Udiyoo Naa Dariyoo
Kar Manmaani Manmaani Manmaani
Badiyoo Naa Mudiyoo Kar Nadaanii
Udiyoo Naa Dariyoo-Kar Manmaani Manmaani Manmaani
Badiyoo Naa Mudiyoo Kar Nadaanii
Kad Taan Le Muskaan Le
Keh Sannanananan.. Hawaa
Bas Thaan Le Tu Jaan Le
Keh Sanansanan Hawaa

Masakalli Masakalli
Ud Matak Matak Matakalli
Masakalli Masa Masa Masakalli
Matak Matak Matak..

Good Technical Presentation to Technical People

At some point in your life you're bound to be in a position where you need to present on a subject. While books on presentations abound, none are really aimed at really technical subjects, nor really technical presenters

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Rating testers based on number of bugs they find

Should we measure the quality of testers—their productivity, efficiency and skill—by counting how many bugs they find? Suppose that mid-project we compared the bug counts per day from exploratory testing with those obtained from regression testing (reuse of test cases that the program has previously passed) of the same area of the program. We might discover that exploratory testing yielded a much higher bug-finding rate, and this might affect our choice of testing strategies.
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Few of the things that can and probably will go wrong if we measure individuals by counting their bug reports.
1. People are good at tailoring their behavior to things they are measured against. If you ask a tester for more bugs, you’ll probably get more bugs. The additional bugs might be minor, or similar to already reported bugs, or design quibbles. But the bug count will go up.
2. People know that other people tailor their behavior. Put a tester under incentive to report more bugs, and programmers will become more skeptical of the value of the reports they receive. Does this tester believe in this bug, they ask, or is she just inflating her bug count? Bugcounting creates political problems (especially if you also count bugs per programmer).
3. You can make a tester look good or bad just by choosing what type of testing she should do (regression testing often yields fewer bugs than exploratory testing) or what area she should test (fewer bugs to find in less buggy code). If raises and promotions are influenced by bug counts, project assignments will often be seen as unfair.
4. Bug counting creates incentives for superficial testing (test cases that are quick and easy to create). Bug counts punish testers who take the time to look for harder-tofind but more important bugs.
5. Such a system also penalizes testers who support other testers. It takes time to coach another tester or to help him build a tool that will make him more effective. The tester who does this has less time to find bugs.
6. Time spent on any process (such as documenting test cases) that doesn’t lead to more bugs faster is time that counts against the tester.

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What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School: Notes From A Street-Smart Executive

As humans, we are frequently required to attend a whole host of social functions where we are required to interact with groups of strangers. Most of us could use some help in such social situations.Wouldn't it be nice become a better conversationalist in the art of small talk?

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How to Get Rid of Stage Fear

Few people says, only people who are having stage Fright will read this type of documantation. But is it correct statement according to you? I think your Answer is No.
Every one should aware of this stage Fright and Help the others to get rid of it.

"The People never do mistakes, means they dont have enough Knowledge/ aware of many things"
"Have number of ideas to get the best idea..."

Before going to learn how to get rid of Fright, First you should know why the people will have this problem while talking to the Public...There might be many Reasons.
Lack of Subject i.e dont know what to talk / Present.
Hesitating to talk in front of the people, so gets fear / shivering.
Thinking about the Audience, like what they think about me if i do mistake (- ve thought).
Few people will have Nervous Problem (Related Neuro System)
Having some Food items before presenting.

So First you should know what is the Lack in you...? and Practice accordingly.

The Person who dont like themselves, they Never like the others...If you dont like never talk proper...blah blah...:-) (Will you make conversation more interest with whom you dont like....?)

First thing is you should like your selves...
Later Few points to remember:
Practice the Subject in your house with loud voice and if needs in front of a mirror with gesture.
Think always you are talking infront of the Public while Practicing.
Think that, Audience dont Know any thing...(but dont present lies wantedly.)
If Possible, practice infront of Sea...(Just Asume how it looks...standing at sea shore and presting...amazing right?)
If you have nervous problem, Hold some thing in your hand like paper/ pen (Most of the People will do it unkonwingly.)
Take a Deep Breath before presenting, it will give more oxygen... and last dont take alcoholic beverages, Coffee, Cold items and acidic food.
To attract the public, use some examples with Quotes...

First we should give a chance to the Audience, to listen atleast...So Appearance will give an impression to the audience...that he is CAPABLE to give the Presentaion...

---------Good Luck--------

Irrespective wether the Public buy your product or not but Make the Product such as atleast public look at it.

How to attend a Client Interview

First thing you should remember is: Every interviewer will expect Boldness and Interest to work and mostly Attitude i.e., how you are presenting / Behaving / Reacting towards the Situations is more important.
and also you should understand that,his accent might be different from yours. It may be Fast or slow. So it is always better to talk/ Convey your message slowly.
Second: Make sure you have prepared for the interview before attending it (It is always better to remember your Resume what you have written in that)
Third: You Keep Your (well Prepared) Resume with you before attending an interview.Now wish the Client/ Interviewer according to HIS timings like Good Morning/ Afternoon / Evening.
Generally, Every Interviewer will ask "Tell me about your self"...Take this Question as an Oppurtunity to Sell yours selves. So Present it very well.
So start as: Hi, iam XYZ and I am BTech/ Degree Graduate in so n so...and tell as i have an Experience of X yrs in IT Industry completely in Testing/Dev.....and relevenat Statements.
Atlast end with your Project Profile,Certifications and Achievements. Here make sure that, you should mention whether you worked from Offshore or Onsite and talk relevant...

Always give Optmistic/ Positive Answers. One more thing Do not use Slang laungauges like Yah, yep...Use proper languages like YES, NO, OK,Sure like that...

Expecting it will help you to get into a better Project.
--------Good Luck--------
"Mistake is not the First Step of Success but Correction of that mistake is the First Step Of Success"