Monday, March 9, 2009

How to attend a Client Interview

First thing you should remember is: Every interviewer will expect Boldness and Interest to work and mostly Attitude i.e., how you are presenting / Behaving / Reacting towards the Situations is more important.
and also you should understand that,his accent might be different from yours. It may be Fast or slow. So it is always better to talk/ Convey your message slowly.
Second: Make sure you have prepared for the interview before attending it (It is always better to remember your Resume what you have written in that)
Third: You Keep Your (well Prepared) Resume with you before attending an interview.Now wish the Client/ Interviewer according to HIS timings like Good Morning/ Afternoon / Evening.
Generally, Every Interviewer will ask "Tell me about your self"...Take this Question as an Oppurtunity to Sell yours selves. So Present it very well.
So start as: Hi, iam XYZ and I am BTech/ Degree Graduate in so n so...and tell as i have an Experience of X yrs in IT Industry completely in Testing/Dev.....and relevenat Statements.
Atlast end with your Project Profile,Certifications and Achievements. Here make sure that, you should mention whether you worked from Offshore or Onsite and talk relevant...

Always give Optmistic/ Positive Answers. One more thing Do not use Slang laungauges like Yah, yep...Use proper languages like YES, NO, OK,Sure like that...

Expecting it will help you to get into a better Project.
--------Good Luck--------
"Mistake is not the First Step of Success but Correction of that mistake is the First Step Of Success"

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Saleem said...

Also you should under stand the purpose of the interview, you are giving an interview for a particular requirement, so you should emphasize what you have done in previous projects and how it is going to help for this requirement. Also make sure if you dont have an experience in the current domain, explain saying the previous experience and skil will help me to excell in this domain with few examples like certifications, awards, appriciations and fast learning skills etc...

Note: Never forget to to talk about the current requiremnt, then only interviewer will see your interest to work with his team...and be confident in explaining.

All the best...