Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Get Rid of Stage Fear

Few people says, only people who are having stage Fright will read this type of documantation. But is it correct statement according to you? I think your Answer is No.
Every one should aware of this stage Fright and Help the others to get rid of it.

"The People never do mistakes, means they dont have enough Knowledge/ aware of many things"
"Have number of ideas to get the best idea..."

Before going to learn how to get rid of Fright, First you should know why the people will have this problem while talking to the Public...There might be many Reasons.
Lack of Subject i.e dont know what to talk / Present.
Hesitating to talk in front of the people, so gets fear / shivering.
Thinking about the Audience, like what they think about me if i do mistake (- ve thought).
Few people will have Nervous Problem (Related Neuro System)
Having some Food items before presenting.

So First you should know what is the Lack in you...? and Practice accordingly.

The Person who dont like themselves, they Never like the others...If you dont like never talk proper...blah blah...:-) (Will you make conversation more interest with whom you dont like....?)

First thing is you should like your selves...
Later Few points to remember:
Practice the Subject in your house with loud voice and if needs in front of a mirror with gesture.
Think always you are talking infront of the Public while Practicing.
Think that, Audience dont Know any thing...(but dont present lies wantedly.)
If Possible, practice infront of Sea...(Just Asume how it looks...standing at sea shore and presting...amazing right?)
If you have nervous problem, Hold some thing in your hand like paper/ pen (Most of the People will do it unkonwingly.)
Take a Deep Breath before presenting, it will give more oxygen... and last dont take alcoholic beverages, Coffee, Cold items and acidic food.
To attract the public, use some examples with Quotes...

First we should give a chance to the Audience, to listen atleast...So Appearance will give an impression to the audience...that he is CAPABLE to give the Presentaion...

---------Good Luck--------

Irrespective wether the Public buy your product or not but Make the Product such as atleast public look at it.

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