Monday, March 7, 2011

Do Right Things With True and Honest

Recently I have received many of the emails on Corruption in India, i think it is due to few major scams like 2G spectrum, Commonwealth Games and also few in Andhra Pradesh etc...Offcourse every one should aware of it what is happening around us and everyone knows that there is a corruption in India but how many of us taking action against it to prevent...? Truly to say none of us. Really is it possible to stop corruption or atleast to minimize ? Yes it is possible atleast to minimize the corruption only if we do our responsibilties with efficient and honest. We are enough intelectuals to think what we are doing....everyone should have a self realization about their responsiblities. Do not compare with others, are they doing right or not...JUST you do right and correct, others will follow you by immediate or next or few years later, it is irrespective.

We will have a look at few general and simple activities in our dialy life and will answer truly ....

1. Are you woking efficient and honest at your workplace as per your responsiblities....?
2. Have you ever thought of maintain a neatness at your home / work place?
3. Have you ever tried to maintain a discipline/ neatness at public places like bus stand, railyway station, cinema hall etc...?
4. Have you ever put your rubbish at dustbin when you are outside...?
5. Have you ever helped a poorman when they are really in trouble...
6. Have you ever bribe a ticket collector...when you dont take a ticket? (At least got a thought about this option)
7. Have you got a licence without paying any amount at RTO office....? (At least got a thought about this option)
8. Have you ever bribe a Traffic police for not having a helmet...? at least did you go out anytime without a helmet...? if so, why because you know that you can escape by giving some money....

Offcource these few may not directly related to corruption...but they are. When we are not doing our responsiblities properly,how can we expect others to do....? Because of this evenone is having devil thoughst to save,save, save money, it leads to pinch every one to get money wherever it is possible....

Please do your responsibilities with TRUE and HONEST and later expect others to do....:-)
No one is asking us to do good to others but dont do bad.

The basic principle to Kill a big Fish is to kill small one when it is difficult to kill a bigfish...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Melbourne Trip

Recently I visited Melbourne which is one of the beautifull city in Australia. Melbourne is located in VICTORIA state. Here I will describe my journey in breif...
The trip is well planned and booked the tickets nearly one month back in one of the popular Australian Airlines. Here WE refers to my friends and collegues Jithin and Somanath. Our total trip is for 3 Days.
Saturday: We reached airport early morning around 6 AM where flight departure time is at 7 AM and later we realized that it was too early because we never travelled in domestic airlines so we though we should be there at least one hr before but actualy 20- 30 mins earlier is more than enough. As per plan flight should reach melbourne by 8.30 AM. At last we got into the flight and with happy mood of reaching Melbourne city, we have taken few pics inside the plane and it started on to runway for take off,we are all looking outside interestingly to see the take that time some voice is reaching our ears it looks like an announcement, so we started hearing carefullyyyyy...but unfortunately the anouncements was like this - we are going back
to terminal due to some technical problems in wheels, so flighgt may delay by 30- 60 mins.We are little bit disappointed / upset but a smile on our faces, because we are all lucky enough that,they found it atleast in the last minute to take off...

One more announcemnt after 10 mins - Engineers are looking in to this issue, so they are plannig to change the damaged part, we felt happy that,they are taking care of of passengers not to make us wait for long...:-)

One more anouncement after 10 mins, Engineers fixed the issue, now we are testing the fix...we thought in this is called Real Time testing in real time environment....

One more anouncement after 10 mins - Testing failed so we are arranging an another flight, so please go out and take another flight...but no information where to go...we are following other people because we sat at last in the plane.

At last we reached the terminal after 5 mins, flight is at 10 AM, Fortunately we reached melbourne around 11.45 AM.

My friend came to airport to pick us and we went to his house ( his house is very beautifull), had lunch and started to city at least to see few places...why atleast means we had other plans if we could have reached here by 8.30 AM. but........

We got into Tram ( Trams transport is more than other public transport, i think) and we knew that it takes an Hr to reach city by we decided to take a train. we got down at one stop to catch a train but unfortunately there was a track work. Again we took another bus ( substitute of trains) but again they stopped in middle and said from this station trains are went again to Railway station to catch train...

We reached City but was raining mild, even though we have seen few places... we went to crown also......
Started back to home and reached home by 11.00 PM and we had a burger Hungry Jacks....and went back to Hotel to take rest.

Sunday: We woke up by 7 AM and was raining fully...dont know wht to do and where to go...We went to my friends house, had breakfast...and decided to go Philip Island...we thought journy would be around 2 hrs but reached there by around 2 PM ...even though we reached late, the place is very beautiful... we took some snaps at the beach...we went to near by ZOO and there were many Kangaroos...I haven't seen that many before....we njoyed a lot and took many many pics...

We thought of looking at the Bike Race track at Philip Island....but was closed ( We know from the day we started, it was like that... so no surprises for us) While going back to home, we visited one beach there we played a can see pics in piccasa. a link attached at the
end of the blog).

We reached home by 9.15 PM and we went to restaurent, had fully... Later we went to Hotel to take rest but a sudden surprise from my friend who is comming to sydney from India after a vacation...( Here i cannot disclose all).

Monday : Woke up at around 10.30 AM , called to my friend who came from India...not lifting calls...tension was with full tension....:-(
We went to subway with my friend and had one foot long offcourse I could not able to complete...:-)
Later what to do...already 12.30 PM,Actually we planned to Great Ocean Drive...but could not make it happen due many reasons...and we canot go to city even because we need to catch flight at 8 PM...full traffic. we dropped all the plans....:-), so we went to one nearer shopping mall and came back quick. Later we saw a Telugu Movie - Arya the middle sudden surprises and Tensions... still the issue is going on from yester day night...Any how we had meals at 6 PM after watching movie and started back to Airport...again flight delay by 30 mins but
fortunately they have arranged an earlier flight....we reached Sydney by 9.40 PM. Tensions started....and at last there is end to our tensions after going home.

Conclusion: The Journey was good and we didnt get bore at any point of time...lot of fun, chat etc...also I met my friend in melbourne after 2-3 years, so felt happy but I cannot say journey is very good.
I should thank my friend and his family for taking care of us very well...:-)
Links to picassa:
------ End -----
Will comeback with some another interesting post. Thanks.