Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Effective Time Management

You might have listened many times from your friend or from relatives or colleague...saying I am too busy, I am not getting enough time to spend with my family or no enough time to speak with my friends etc and some people don't have enough time to eat happily..and they always seems to be busy...but why it is happening only for few people...?

Everyone has the same no.of hours in a day but few people say, I am very happy and enjoyed the day and they sometime plan for vacation also  but few people says time is not sufficient, too much work, irritation,no proper sleep, no proper food and they never enjoy either Personal life or Professional life. They always feel tense in Home and also in Office. The few people plan it efficiently, they lead very happy life in every front both in Personal and Professional life. The people who don't plan it, they always feel tense and unhappy.
Here there are few tips for Time Management from the Book - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by - Stephen Covey.

As per his thoughts, The Time is divided into Two sectors and Four Quadrants. i.e Urgent, Not Urgent and Important & Non Important.

Based on the above Time Management Matrix, distribute your work and activities into these four Time Quadrants.

Quadrant 4:  It is Non Urgent and Not Important matters. These actions don’t have to be done anytime soon, perhaps add little to no value.

The activities comes into this Quadrant are like Browsing, watching movies, some non important calls and mails. These Items / actions should be minimized or eliminated. These actions are of full time wasters.

Quadrant 3: It is Urgent but Not Important matters. It is always better to minimize the items under this Quadrant. These items are time killing and these because of Poor Planing. The activities comes into this Quadrant are like Phone Calls, some e mails etc.

Quadrant 2: It is Not Urgent but Important matters, these items need to be planned or organized. The items comes into this Quadrant are long terms goals like Health, Relationships, Projects and Dreams & Goals.

This Quadrant is very important and this should be planned very effective. Every day/month /Year spend some time to plan for the day/ month/year for effective time usage and to reach goals.

Quadrant 1: It is Urgent and Important matters, these items need to be dealt immediately. The items comes into this Quadrant are like Family emergencies, Dead line Projects, calls, mails etc. In this Quadrant it is better to prioritize the tasks.
I hope this will help you to manage your time effectively.
Time is More Precious and Enjoy the beautiful life with Family and Friends.

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