Sunday, August 21, 2011

Come out of scary circle, Express your views and ideas

Every one will have some unique  talent and special to themselves. Few people are very bold enough to express their views &ideas to the society and excel in their career and they reach their goals. Few people dont express.

Ok, I will come to the straight point, don't hesitate to put your views / ideas on any known topic or on a new topic or presenting a new idea, because your idea can change one or group of people...

Simple examples:
1. Pre Assumption - You will read one good article in yahoo news or somewhere and you like to comment something but you don’t because of fear, like if my friends see this what they think about me...or what if public scolds me if my views are not correct. ( if you don’t have time to comment thats fare enough...if not come out of this scary circle.)
2.       Putting some ideas / public networks...still people scare.
3. Supporting or Rejecting the other’s views.
4. Expressing their likes and Dislikes... It looks simple sentence but not easy to express...

Welcome to your most valuable suggestions and Ideas.
Note: Public Network is very powerful media don’t misuse it...It should help others in a good way.


Surya said...

If you are showing me the palm of your hand, I could see the roaring lion..

Anonymous said...

Good blog mate.. I wasn't able to leave my comment, as blog sites are banned from westpac server when I acceessed to upload comment!, my response below, happy to be published under my name as 'Raj' "Mate, thanks for sharing the site. Good initiative to brain storm with others I guess :) Good luck. Well I agree on your view to come out and expressing. Not many do it, and especially in our Indian community. Having said that people like Vivekananda, Thiruvalluvar, Arunthathiroy all also from our own community. I see 4 different aspects to being expressive. 1. Being brought up in a way not to express one's emotions/comments, 2. Being a natural expresser of ideas & views or brought up in such way, 3. Cultivating the communication and expressing skills, 4. Less IQ and/or know how to & what to comment (dummies:) The very first one being, it's in-built in our society and culture I guess. I would like to elaborate more on this one than the others.. When I say brought up I mean, ex.. Never question elders, following teachers/teaching irrespective of your own views, Custom bound following & brought up - irrespective of one's own opinion to not to follow the custom, sensitivity to humour and getting offended by negative comments, parents wish on child’s basic rights and choices like education and marriage etc.. You can keep on adding. At every point of time a child’s emotions are very shut as it arises, at each phase of their life. Which is either by parents, custom, community, social belief, religion, society, schools and/or other factors? Unlike western world, where you can express and exercise your view, our Indian community is bound to its way of life, belief and custom. The second one being the outspoken and/or smarter and/or sometimes a genius group. Irrespective of all the above restrictions, they come out as a natural expressers like authors, politicians, speakers or philosophers etc... or even one's parents/community play vital role in such brought up.. Having said that, it doesn't have to be a genius to fit in to this group, it applies to a normal human being as well and all the way up to philosophers.. The third being learners as they grow and mature. And also when they think and have the freedom to express without having to worry about the opinion or comments they may get.. Again one needs to think outside the boundary to be able to break out from the normal doom... The last one, I call them dummies, don't have the option and they tend to dwell within their closed circle of dark non-expressive world! You can find these ppl socially less active as well.. May one more group which I haven't explained prior, there may be 'Aliens' (worse than dummies) or may be sometimes being over expressive fall in this category!? Not sure man.. We can have a day long debate on this one.. So well this is my view on your today's blog..I guess I have the same grudge as you do, hence a long blog from me.. :) Have a nice day.. Raj

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