Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Software Testing, whether Test Case Count or Quality of Testing or Defect Count is Important?

As per my opinion, Software testing means Verification and Validation, which includes testing the application in all possible scenarios to make sure the Product meets the requirement specifications. Obviously Quality of Testing is important but the Quality of testing cannot be measured by seeing the application, it may work at that instant but not sure, so the Quality of testing can be measured in terms of No. of test cases and No of defects.

Hence, the conclusion is the Test Case Count ( All Possible scenarios), Quality of Testing ( without defect leakage )and Defect Count all are important parameters for Software Testing. Also the Test Summary Report should include all these values while giving sign off to give confidence to the product Owners.


Bharani said...

Good post!

Surya said...

Quality is the key for any project. It should not be compromised. If quality wins against the time, we need to re-draw the milestones and conduct appropriate testing. Testing is driving force to establish high quality. Tools & resources should be used efficiently and smartly to achieve the desired test result.

Saleem said...

Yes Surya you are right, Tools and Resources should be used efficiently to achieve high Quality.