Friday, June 8, 2012

A different testing experience...

I am a professional software testing expert and I am doing it from past few years. Recently I experienced a different test scenario while performing testing on one my application. The requirement is, report / work should be generated with unique number when an email is sent to the server i.e whenever an email sits in the server, a report is generated and that email will be deleted after that.

I tested most of the possible scenario like:

1. Sending an email from different mailboxes like gmail, yahoo etc.

2. sending an email with different attachments like jpeg, pdf, word etc.

3. sending an email by - auto forward rule.

4. sending emails in bulk at a time

5. sending email by keeping cc and bcc list.

6. sending email with blank subject.

7. sending email with special characters in subject line.

8. sending email with hyperlinks in email body.

9. sending a blank email.

10. sending email by keeping invalid emails in To,CC, BCC list.

but I never a expected an email, will trigger the server with from address as blank. So a defect has been raised in production and it is assigned to developers because the build is still in warranty period. Developers forwarded me the defect but how to replicate an email without a from address.

The developers also trying to replicate and at last we replicated the issue.

Steps to reproduce ( Microsoft outlook)

1. Open a new email /go to options /click on show the 'from address'.

2. Enter the email in To address field by keeping From address as blank. now save the email, it will get save in drafts.

3. Now move the email from drafts to inbox (drag n drop)...i.e email is in your inbox without a from address. somehow this was happened in server and report is not generated and email is not deleted from server inbox...

This post does not mean that testers inefficiency to find the it but I want to say 100% defect free product is im(possible) because sometimes defects will occur with extreme unexpected scenarios.

So tester's responsibility is not only to make sure the functional requirements are working as expected but also tester has do regression to find the adverse effects of the new code.